Start Your Journey to Thriving Plantiful Health Here!

Interested in beginning your plant-based journey? We hope you are as excited as we are! Eating a plant-based diet is actually very simple, and you do not need to go ‘cold-turkey’ off of meats and animal protein-based foods immediately. The easiest way is to actually do a transition – to start by trying a new plant-based recipe or two, and to try using a new plant food or ingredient that you have not tried before. You might be pleasantly surprised at the result!

Using this approach also allows you to make gradual but lasting changes to your diet.  In my experience, our family has found that small successes empowered us to make further changes. You may likely find that this approach helps your family transition more successfully to such an eating pattern too, especially if you are a busy household and don’t have much time right away to try or create many new recipes and products.

So how should you start? Here is one method to a successful transition to a plant-based diet. It involves five basic steps:

Step 1: Halve the Meat & Double the Veggies
Step 2: Switch to Whole-Grain Options
Step 3: Choose Smart Snacks
Step 4: Increase Beans & Other Legumes
Step 5: Try New Plant-Based Foods & Recipes!

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