A Welcome Note

Hello! Welcome to my site! I want to share what I learned on the job in the real world…as a mom and a pediatric dietitian!

But first a disclaimer: I am by no means the perfect mom or a nazi-like pro-breastfeeding dietitian, and my baby was not exclusively breastfed from birth. As I had gestational diabetes, my baby was given a small amount of formula after birth because her blood glucose level was low. However, I have since managed to feed her ‘exclusively’ via breast and expressed breast milk till she was over 4 months of age, before introducing a bit of formula for practical reasons (traveling from Asia back to the States). As a first time mom, I found establishing my breast milk supply a real challenge. A lot of official and government websites I’ve seen extol the benefits of breastfeeding and strongly emphasize exclusive breastfeeding, but none I found really helped me in my struggle to maintain and build my breast milk supply. So I want to now share all the tips I learned the hard way —through experience. However I want to stress that each baby is unique and so while these tips may not work for your baby, they may still be worth a try!

I also have some tips gleaned from my experience living and working overseas. Having been born in the West and raised partly in the East, so far I’ve lived in 3 continents and worked in two countries, so you may come across tips from Singapore, the United States or the United Kingdom. From the knowledge and experiences gained, I want to bring together the very best from the East and the West!

As you browse this site, I hope you find my tips helpful. And keep checking back! There is still a long way to go, so look out for more tips as my baby grows!

The road of motherhood takes you up the mountain of seemingly unending mundane physical tasks, past peaks of joy and laughter, and down valleys of sorrow and frustration. Just like life.



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