Qn of the Month: What are Examples of Healthy Shifts?

The new Dietary Guidelines 2015-2020 provide some practical suggestions and examples of small easy ways in which shifts can be made in one’s daily food choices to move towards healthier eating patterns. Examples of this would be choosing nutrient-dense snacks over high calorie snacks, fruit instead of commercially processed fruit products with added sugars, whole grains instead of refined grains, oils instead of solid fats, salted to unsalted snacks, as well as no-sugar added beverages instead of beverages with added sugars.

Specific ideas (from the Dietary Guidelines with some additional suggestions):

Instead of –                                                          Choose this –

Tortilla chips with cheese dip                              Carrots with hummus dip

Sour cream dip                                                     Guacamole or salsa

Fruit-filled cereal bar                                           Apple or another whole fruit

White bread                                                          Whole-wheat bread

White pasta                                                           Whole-wheat pasta

Chocolate bar with nuts                                       Unsalted cashews

Bacon bits on salads                                             Avocado slices

Butter in frying pan                                             Vegetable oil in frying pan

Regular soda/pop                                                Seltzer water or other no added sugar beverage

Microwaveable popcorn                                      Pop your own on the stove!

French fries or chips with entree                      Salad or fruit with entrée


Other practical tips provided from the Guidelines include increasing the amount of vegetables in a mixed dish while simultaneously reducing the amount of meats, saturated fats and

(Source: Department of Health and Human Services and United States Department of Agriculture, Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020, 8th edition. http://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/guidelines.  Accessed March 24, 2016.)


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