Qn of the Month: What is a zarf?

Get ready for some new words to add to your food and culinary vocabulary! Apparently, the word ‘zarf’ comes from an ancient Arabic word meaning ‘container’, ‘sheath’ or ‘vessel’.  It is used to denote the ‘cup sleeve’ around a hot beverage cup that has no handle. Although a zarf can be made from a variety of different metals, cloths or wood, in modern times this is more likely to refer to the cardboard collar placed around your paper coffee or tea cup. This and other ‘new’ terms have been added in 2015 to online dictionaries such as OxfordDictionaries.com and the online American Heritage Dictionary. Although some terms are not completely new, the meanings have changed slightly. For example, hangry used to refer to the state of a person with low blood glucose or blood sugar levels. Now, it is being used to denote a person who is feeling so hungry that he or she becomes angry or irritable (now, who can’t identify with that?).

Here are 10 other terms and food trends that made it onto the radar in 2015:
Wine o’clock
Beer o’clock
Avocado toast
Bone broth
Cookie butter

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