Qn of the Month: Is There A Nutritional Difference Between a Fertile and Infertile Chicken Egg?

Egg_and_ChickenA: Unfortunately no.  Since hens can lay eggs without mating, most eggs bought in the grocery store are infertile eggs. This means that they contain only female genetic material. In contrast, a fertile egg has both male and female genetic material, but does not move beyond the first stage of embryonic development without further incubation. Hence if you were to buy a fertile egg, you may notice a “blastoderm” in it (this is a whitish spot on the yolk). Apart from the fact that fertile eggs may spoil slightly faster than infertile eggs, there have been really no tangible chemical differences or scientific research showing that one is more nutritious than the other.

(Source: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  What are fertile eggs and are there health benefits to eating them?Food and Nutrition Magazine. 2015: 14.)


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