Qn of the Month: Can Milk Be Frozen?

milkA: To some this may be a rather unusual question, but since I had to recently test it out myself, I thought I’ll share the results! We usually take 5-6 long car trips a year to visit family and stay a week or two at a time. As a result, I have had to always clear out the fridge and usually dump any extra milk I have on hand the day we leave. I had previously done a quick Internet search but the results did not seem very clear on freezing milk, with some reporting that the quality, consistency and taste of the milk changes upon freezing. Well, prior to this last trip, I got fed up with having to toss milk away, and also with having to rush to the store on the day we arrive back home to get some fresh milk and other supplies. I had a half gallon container of reduced fat 2% milk (containing about 8 ounces as the remainder) left and space in my freezer, so I decided to pop it in there. Can’t hurt right?

Two weeks later, we arrived back home and I immediately put the frozen container of milk in the refrigerator compartment to start thawing out. What did I learn? Frozen milk takes a looonng time to thaw out in the fridge, possibly 24 hours or longer. Think of a chunk of ice melting. Of course it really depends on the amount of milk you have frozen at one time. I found it helped to put the container in some cold water for 10 to 15 minutes, before putting it back in the fridge. Then over the course of time as milk slowly thawed out, I firmly shook the closed container a few times to help break up the milk chunk within. Once thawed though, the milk tasted fine for at least up to 4-5 days afterwards. My verdict? I plan on doing this again the next time I have a car trip!


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