Qn of the Month: How Can I Drop the Middle of the Night Pumping Session?

owlA: There is no hard or fast rule on this.  Here are 4 suggested methods below. Feel free to pick the one that most suits you!

Option 1: Over several nights, gradually cut back on the amount of time you spend pumping during that night session. The goal is to get some relief but not empty your breasts completely. So slowly wean off, by pumping less and less each session. Your body will get the message to produce less breast milk during the night.

Option 2: Don’t drop the night pumping session completely, but just pump a little later each night. The goal is to gradually move it later and later each night until you’re close enough to the morning breastfeeding session to make it without pumping at night. So ultimately, the night pumping session ends up merging with the early morning feed.

Option 3: Stop pumping but switch to hand expressing. However, only hand express enough to relieve pressure and discomfort. Repeat this each night until your breast milk supply adapts to the decreased demand.

 Option 4: You can drop the pumping session at night, but then adjust the breastfeeding times. For example, instead of pumping at night, you could have a breastfeeding session later at night (e.g., 10:30-11pm) and then once more early in the morning at about 6 am.

Hope these suggestions help!


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