Qn of the Month: Where Can I Get Baby & Toddler Friendly Recipes?

mid section view of a woman cutting vegetablesAside from getting recipes through cookbooks, magazines, friends and family, the Internet is the next best source for baby and toddler recipes. Just type in the words “baby food recipes” in the Google search bar and you will get close to 82 million results! However, if you take a closer look at some of these websites, you may soon realize that while the recipes are kid friendly, with fun names and stunning photos, many are not all that practical for a busy time limited parent to make. Often the recipes require at least 10-12 different ingredients, a ton of time and possibly ingredients not in the average kitchen cupboard. So are there some good websites out there with easy-to-prepare  baby and toddler friendly recipes? Yes, there are. After some research, listed below are 7 websites I’ve found that contain quite a few quick and healthy kid-friendly recipes. Here are just a few examples of recipes that caught my eye: vegetarian sandwich kebabs, meatloaf meatballs, green pancakes and cauliflower tots!








A few important notes: These websites above are listed in alphabetical order, not in terms of preference or priority. They are also recommended for the recipes they contain, not for any other content. Some of the nutritional advice and allergy information presented on the websites are outdated, so it is important to check this information against more credible professional sources like a pediatric Registered Dietitian, your child’s doctor, and professional websites like the American Academy of Pediatrics (www.aap.org) and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (www.eatright.org). Also, please note that some of these websites contain quite a bit of advertised content, which may or may not be credible.

Keep checking back on DietitianMom too, as I hope to post a few baby and toddler friendly recipes of my own soon. In the meantime, happy cooking!

(By the way, you may also see some advertised content on my blog site when you visit, but please disregard them. I do not endorse those advertisements. Thanks!)


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