Going Potty (Part 2): A Pretty Potty Comparison

babytoiletpic2During the spring, we went on a ‘potty seat hunt’. There were a few reasons for this: 1) our old toilet top potty seat was cracking so we wanted a better one, 2) our baby has a skinny, small-sized bottom so we needed one that would comfortably fit her, and 3) we were traveling soon overseas, so we hoped to find one that could be easily brought around. In the end, I think we’ve probably tried more potty seats than the average family!

Perhaps your child doesn’t have any trouble on the potty seat you bought. But if your little one is like mine, who continues to be small-sized and more bony-bottomed (at 20 months, she weighed approximately 22 pounds or 10 kg still), then you may have more trouble finding the right seat for your child. I hope our experience can help you. Here are 5 toilet top potty seats we’ve tried (in order of worst to best, with a simple rating in terms of expense (in $ signs).

BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer ($$$) (Also available in UK)

Our Experience: This turned out to be heavier than we thought and it was hard (like a regular toilet seat). Our toddler found it uncomfortable to sit on for a long time, and it gave some harsh red pressure marks on her thighs within just a minute or two. I also noticed that the packaging said it was for ‘2+’, so perhaps this was too big for our 20 month old child at the time.

Dreambaby Soft Touch Potty Seat ($$) (Also available in UK)

Our Experience: When the packaging was first opened, I noticed that the material was slightly softer but was put off by the very strong smell of chemicals from the potty seat. It ended up still being too hard for our toddler (who did not want to sit in it long) and we found it also gave some strong red marks on her thighs after we took her off it within a few minutes. Needless to say, we didn’t keep this very long in our home either…

Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Tushie Potty Seat ($) (Also available in UK though price more variable)

Description: The size of this potty seat was smaller than the other potty seats we have bought and tried, which could be a plus or minus depending on the size of your child. The length is about 11 inches compared to the WeePOD toilet trainer which is about 15 inches. The center oval hole is a perfectly round oval. The cushion is thicker (about 1.5 inches) than most other potty seats but it is not as soft and cushiony as the WeePOD products. It is obvious that it is made of a cheaper material as expected given the price, but the cushion likely won’t break/crack as it has a hard plastic circular support ring underneath. This potty seat also comes with a handle and a plastic adhesive hook for you to hang the potty seat on.

Our Experience: In reading some reviews of this product online, some said the seat didn’t work because it was too small and that it smelt badly. However, we were pleasantly surprised that it did not smell and also that it fit our toddler’s bottom quite well (probably because of the smaller size). At first, our toddler complained when she was put on it, but then she got used to it relatively quickly. There were still some red pressure contact marks on her thighs after just a few minutes of sitting on the seat, but this shouldn’t be an issue as long as baby is not sitting on it for an extended length of time. I think it helps that the cushion is higher and thicker, because our toddler was able to ‘sit’ better on it with the legs slightly angled down. This likely made it more comfortable for her (rather than the legs sticking straight out). We loved the compact size and ended taking it with us on our travels which worked out really well. It actually fits on the airplane lavatory toilet seats, as well as on all the toilet seats tried in US, Taipei and Singapore! And the biggest selling point to our child? She loved the little orange duck pictures on the potty seat!

Note: Due to its smaller size, this potty seat can slip around, so you need to be careful and supervise your child while he/she is on the seat. Also when you put the toddler on the seat, put the child as far back as possible (instead of perching towards the front of the seat). This will be more comfortable for the child and helps distribute child’s weight more over his/her bottom and legs.

Prince Lionheart WeePOD Basix ($$) (Also available in UK)

Our Experience: This was the first potty seat we got when our baby turned 9 months. Our baby had no complaints from the get-go and it worked really well for a few months. Then as our baby got heavier and got up to about 18 pounds, we noticed that it started to develop cracks. This is likely from the pressure of baby’s bottom sitting on it. We were able to fix the cracks with superglue a couple of times but knew this would not be a long term solution. On the plus side, this potty seat is really quite cushiony and soft. It is also quite light and easy to bring about when traveling on the road.

Prince Lionheart WeePOD Toilet Trainer/Cushiony WeePOD ($$$) (Also available in UK)

Description: This potty seat comes cushioned and is contoured with a slightly higher back portion (still cushioned), so it actually looks like a little seat (more comfortable for little ones!). You can tell it is an improved version of the basic one mentioned above. The cushion portion is not as soft as the original wee POD basix but it is still comfortable. This is probably a good transition anyway to a toddler eventually using a regular toilet seat. It also has a turn knob at the back to allow you to adjust the seat to fit the specific shape of the toilet seat better. The potty seat has a smaller hole design, making it more suitable for younger babies as well as toddlers. The shape of the hole is also more contoured (smaller width towards the front) so overall there is more cushion support for baby. It also comes with a handle. Furthermore, there is a hard plastic bottom to support the cushion portion so no more cracks!

Our Experience: This turned out to be the best for us! We loved it and our toddler sat on it without complaints from the first day forward. The only downside we found was that it is quite heavy so not suitable for traveling, so we just had this for regular use at home. This is a keeper!

Happy Potty Seat Shopping!


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