Hair Update: Did Shaving Work?

Some might be puzzBaby's Earled by this post title, but for those in Asian cultures wondering whether they should shave their baby’s head of hair in the first month of life, it’s a legitimate and often important question. It was for me. In early parenthood, I had posted an entry on this (see post To Shave or Not to Shave? That is the Question…) because it was a real dilemma at the time. Neither my husband nor I sport a thick head of hair, so we didn’t want our child to be the same. Not to mention there were all these anecdotal reports of the benefits of hair shaving at the one month mark (and some negative reports of course). In the end we decided to do it, even though it was difficult to say goodbye to that first head of hair.

Now 21 months later, what’s the result? I’ll like to say it made a huge difference in our daughter’s hair quantity and quality, but unfortunately I can’t. Honestly, my husband and I can’t see any difference. Our toddler still has a good amount of hair on her head, though the hair remains rather fine and thin—just like us. Like us, she is also starting to shed a fair amount of hair. Unfortunately, it seems that hair is still more or less determined genetically. I’ve also talked to friends who have shaved off their babies’ hair at one month of age, and all so far agree it didn’t make much of a difference. The conclusion I’ve come to is that if a parent really desires to see a difference, a baby may need to undergo multiple hair shavings that first year of life. Indeed, thinking back, the people that seemed to report this method really worked all had shaved their children’s hair at least 2-3 times that first year. So should you try this? I think only if you are really ready to try this method multiple times! Otherwise it might not be worth the effort and anguish of seeing those lovely first locks of hair go. Hope this update helps you in your decision making process!


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