DST – Take 2

I was informed. Then I forgot. I was reminded again and nearly forgot. What was it? Daylight Savings Time. Yes, for those living in the United States, Daylight Savings Time (DST) began last Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2am in the early morning. My mother had told me, and then I heard it again on the radio.

 For those who remember, I had previously done a post the last time DST happened (when it ended on Sunday November 3, 2013) and about the consequences of forgetting about it (see post titled ‘What I Should Have Been Prepared For…Daylight Savings Time’). Thankfully last Sunday I was reminded about it on the radio just before lunch, so there was still time to make adjustments to my toddler’s routine. We gave her a bigger lunch, then put her down for an afternoon nap earlier, and woke her up after about 45 minutes (compared to the usual 1 hour or longer nap). This meant she was up again slightly earlier in the afternoon. We also had her skip her afternoon snack (nicely diverted with other activities) so that she would be hungrier for an earlier dinner. The dinner meal was over about 45 minutes earlier than normal. Then it was more activity, toy clean-up, a bath and her bedtime story all by 6:40pm before ‘lights out’ time. 

So did it work? Sort of. Our toddler tossed and turned a bit longer than usual (normally it would be 10-30 minutes before she would fall asleep) and took about 40 minutes to fall into a deep sleep. I thought this was pretty good still, since she would usually fall asleep at 8pm or later. But in the middle of the night she awoke crying, and it took her close to an hour to fall back asleep (despite letting her cry it out for two ‘10 minute’ stretches and trying to pat her down in between). In the morning I had to wake her up, but that was probably because she was more tired from the night wakings. The following night though, she slept a full 12 hours straight, and I had to wake her up again! Her body could still be adjusting to the time transition. 

How did you and your little one do through this most recent DST transition? If you forgot or if this slips your mind the next time DST rolls around, don’t worry (it’s really easy to forget!). You can still make adjustments the next day to get your baby or toddler used to the time change—you just need to be a bit more intentional about it. And even with the best planning, things don’t always turn out the way we expect it to anyway!


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