The Sweet Sound of ‘Mama’

Like most children, my little one started to say ‘baba’ (or ‘papa’) first about 2 months ago. Understandably my husband was thrilled! That is, until he realized she called every person (real or image) ‘baba’ too. And animals (real or image) get a generic ‘bruuuuuuu’ or ‘moooooo’. Still my husband was pretty happy that this was her ‘first’ word. All this has made me wonder how I would feel when baby could finally utter the sounds ‘mama’ and call me by name.

Well, that moment came a few days ago. It was during the reading of the bedtime story when my 15 month old suddenly pointed to a picture of a ‘mommy-like’ figure on a page and said, “Baba.” I quickly corrected her gently, “That’s mama.” From that point onwards, for at least the next 5 minutes, she kept pointing at the figure on the page and saying ‘maaaa’ or ‘mama’ over and over. And even though she would flip the pages of the book back and forth, whenever she got back to that same page, she would point at the figure and say ‘mama’. I couldn’t believe it! My little one finally seemed to get it!

Since that night, the word ‘mama’ has become her new favorite word. She kept saying it. But I couldn’t get thrilled yet. Every picture and person has also become ‘mama’ to her. She would even point at her daddy and say, “mama”! Sigh… But I must say, it is still sweet to hear my child utter those words, even though I know she doesn’t quite get the significance yet!


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