What to Do When Baby Spits Out Food (Part 1)

Did your baby just spit out a mouthful of food you offered? Wait! Before you get discouraged, think the food you labored to prepare tastes horrible, and then hurry to chuck the food out to make something else, check the following first:

The food might have gotten cold in the time that you are spoon feeding her. Try a quick zap/warm up in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. Remember to test the temperature of the food first before offering it!

The baby may really be having some trouble taking the food because of the texture, especially if the baby has no teeth and still needs to mash the food between the gums. Do a check, take a baby spoonful yourself and try to mash it and eat it (without chewing). You’ll see how the food really tastes and what the texture is like. You may think it all goes well together (e.g., pureed minced beef and veggie tomato carrot sauce with minced pasta) but the texture may not be as pleasant as the combo sounds!

Tired or Ill?
There may be times when baby is just feeling too sleepy, tired or ill to eat properly. Do a test: offer some finger foods and see if she perks up and goes for them. If she sits back and doesn’t even want to touch finger foods much, then she’s probably not too hungry. There is also the possibility that baby is not feeling well which will affect her appetite, or baby could be having a sore throat making her prefer colder and softer foods.


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