21 Months and Counting…Pure Bliss!

The best things about breastfeeding my baby have been enjoying those quiet moments of closeness together, and helping to keep her healthy. But personally, one of the other big benefits of continued breastfeeding is this…being period-free for 21 months!

No, I haven’t been breastfeeding for 21 months. But if you add up the pregnancy and breastfeeding for a year, it comes up to about that. In fact, it’s been so long that a period seems like a distant memory…not that I’m complaining! I definitely don’t miss those painful excruciating cramps, emotional rollercoaster feelings and occasional tearful breakdowns. But as I now wind down on breastfeeding, I have to prepare myself that they will be coming again soon! In fact, I am already feeling some of those minor pangs of discomfort happening…I guess there is no escaping the fact that they need to come back some day!


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