An Easy Cure for Hiccups

Baby hiccups are sweet, adorable, and also just a tad bit annoying. You know what I mean. You’ve just spent all this time burping the baby or patting the baby down in the crib–and (yes!) baby seems ready to doze off–when all of a sudden you hear these tiny sounds, “Hic…hic….” Baby’s eyes are now open again, or baby is still trying to go to sleep but you know it will now be more difficult.

You can choose to do nothing and just wait it out. Those hiccups will eventually stop. Or, you can try this simple remedy (described below for a young infant):

  1. Take baby’s medicine syringe (a 1 ml syringe works just fine) and load it with some cool boiled water.
  2. Lift baby’s head up and slightly off the mattress, then slowly and gently inject the water into the inside of baby’s check. Give a little bit, wait till baby has swallowed it, then give a little more until the syringe is emptied.
  3. Wait a minute or so, to see if the hiccups have stopped. If not, repeat the procedure.

The main aim is to give baby an amount of liquid big enough to quench the hiccups. Often for a newborn, 1 – 2 mls of water given into the side of the mouth is enough to stop the hiccups. You can also just pop baby on the breast again for a quick minute’s feed or use other liquids like expressed breast milk or formula. As your baby grows, the amount of water needed to resolve the hiccups might increase, so you can gradually move to a baby bottle filled with water. Eventually, your baby will also progress to be able to hold a free flowing lidded or open cup in his/her own hands and take a quick sip themselves, so all you would need to do is to remember to offer the water when those hiccups pop out. I give all the credit to a confinement lady who taught me this easy method of solving hiccups!


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