How to Cut Baby’s Hair

Today I cut my 8 month old baby’s hair. Up until now, I was terrified of actually doing it, because I had tried to trim her sides when she was 4 months old, and it looked horrible (everyone noticed). And there didn’t seem to be any really good videos on YouTube on how to cut a baby girl’s hair at home–most of the ones I saw were for cutting a boy’s hair. Perhaps, as a friend suggested,” Baby girls don’t usually have their hair cut as much…” That may be true. But what finally gave me confidence was when I came across this website post and the subsequent recommended WikiHow article and video:

I highly recommend the video on the wikihow website! Even though the video is on how to cut a child’s (boy) hair, it gives clear basic guidelines on how to cut hair in general, from which you can then adapt to your baby girl’s hair. Anyway, at the beginning, your baby girl’s hair is still quite short, and won’t need more than a trim at first.

Thankfully, my little one was an angel during the whole 10-15 minutes of cutting. I just kept her entertained with lots of different toys (relatively new and unfamiliar ones to her), each time one fell to the ground. I think though, that this was such a new experience for her that she didn’t really know what was happening. As she gets older and more aware, haircut sessions might get more challenging! And even though the haircut was a little bit on the short side and it made her look more boyish, at least she looks much neater and fresher now. All the best cutting your little one’s hair!


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