Qn of the Month: What are Some Labor Room Essentials?

I had an assisted vaginal delivery with forceps, and here are some simple but essential things I would recommend you take into the labor ward when it comes time to be admitted:

  • Water bottle and extra water (it’s important to drink lots!)
  • Some bendy straws, as this makes it much easier to drink in bed if you can’t sit upright
  • Extra pillow(s): this can be extremely helpful when you need to prop yourself up into a more comfortable position or when sidelying to put between your legs, as hospitals often have a shortage of extra pillows. You may only get one!
  • Chapstick/lip moisturizer: your lips can get quite dry
  • Some quick energy booster snacks like bananas or granola bars

Last tip regarding delivery: if you choose to have an epidural like me, just make sure they do not overdose you with the epidural meds! Due to the doctor’s misjudgement I received an overdose of the epidural medications, which made my legs fiercely numb, my blood pressure drop suddenly and drastically so that I blacked out briefly, and gave me extreme vomiting and nausea afterwards. So make sure it is titrated correctly to your body weight/size!


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