Take a moment to…sTrEtchhhHH!

I remember a physiotherapist from a UK antenatal class once saying, “It is going to be after delivery that you will experience the most potential for injury to your body, not before.” Somehow that comment stuck with me, and when I went to Singapore, another physical therapist said a similar thing! What they say makes absolute sense. Why? Because during pregnancy, you are more or less taking care of your body, and making sure you’re not overstraining yourself or carrying heavy objects. However, after delivery, you will be so busy running around trying to take care of baby, picking baby up to feed (possibly breastfeeding as well), changing clothes, diapers, bathing baby and picking things off the floor, that it is easy to forget about your body and having the right postures when performing these actions.

I found this to be the case after my baby was born, and actually strained my lower back at least once and had other minor injuries. And believe me, when you strain your back, it is hard to pick baby up or breastfeed! So what I found really helped was to take 5-10 minutes a day (or twice a day) and just take a breather to relax and do a simple stretching exercise routine. This can be at the end of the day after baby has been put to bed, giving you a chance to wind down too. Not only will the stretching help loosen and relax those tense muscles, it will also help relieve the minor backaches and strains, preventing these from turning into bigger problems. A little bit of daily stretching really goes a long way!


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