A Constant State of Adjustment

Something happened overnight. Without warning, my generally sweet and compliant little baby girl who just turned 8 months of age, suddenly started to refuse her solid meals –pursing her lips tightly shut and turning away. It wasn’t that she was sick, or had teething pain. She just didn’t want to eat. At least certain foods. Prior to this, she was happily gobbling down whatever we fed her. Now she looks at the spoon before opening her mouth. She seems to want different flavors, textures and more variety in her meals. She now wants to have even more finger foods to pick up and feed herself with. At times like this, I have to remind myself of Ellen Satter’s Division of Responsibility principles: it is the parents’ responsibility to determine what food comes into the house and when food is served, but it is the child’s responsibility to determine whether to eat and how much to eat. I never thought I would have to practise what I preach! It does feel quite defeating though to have spent all this time preparing a meal, only to see the child reject and refuse to eat it.

Adding to this, she now whines a lot more and is more vocal about what she wants or doesn’t want. It is almost like overnight she developed her own will and a more defined personality, turning from a sweet little baby to a more fussy ‘teeni-baby’ (think of a baby teenager…).With each month of development comes different changes in your baby. Sigh, I think being a mom means having to accept the fact that you will be in a constant state of adjustment, in a constant state of flux, having to adapt to each new change in your little one.


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